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Re: Sulphur crested toos

Posted by Charlie King on 11/15/08
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    On 12/28/07, Acie wrote:
    > Hi, Can someone tell me the major difference in the
    > sulphur's? med and greater verses the lesser. I know the
    > lessers are smallest. But is there a difference in their
    > crests too? It seems the med/greaters do not have as much
    > yellow on their cheeks either, why?
    > Thanks

    It should be pointed out that Mediums are actually Greaters.
    The Eleanora is generally referred to as a Medium
    Sulphur-crest. There are four species of Greater Sulfur-crests
    (Cacatua galerita). The Lessers are a completely different
    species (Cacatus sulphurea). Actually, there are five
    subspecies of them, all from the Indonsian Islands.

    Here are some differences in the Greaters but in many cases,
    an amateur cannot tell the differences.

    Greater Sulfer Cockatoo Description
    Physical Description
    Four subspecies: which differ mainly in size 15-20".

    C. Galerita Galerita - plumage is mostly white; forward
    curving narrow yellow crest; black beak and feet; ear patches
    are yellowish; and the underside of the wings and tail
    feathers are yellow.

    C. Galerita Fitzroyi - similar to the nominate race Galerita
    Galerita but has more yellow on the ear patches and the eye
    ring is pale blue and the beak is broader.

    C. Galerita Triton - lacks the yellow on the cheeks of the
    nominate race and has blue eye rings. The crest is shorter and
    broader .

    C. Galerita Eleonora - similar to the Triton subspecies but
    the beak is smaller and narrower. Crest has a flip to the end
    like the nominate race. (a.k.a. Medium Sulphur-crested Cockatoo)


    Galerita Galerita - 20 "
    Fitzroyi - 18"
    Triton - 17"
    Eleonora - 16"

    Here is a site to outline all the Cockatoo classifications:

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