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Post: Goffins Cockatoos

Posted by Cheri on 2/01/08

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    I have a pair of G2's My male I have had for almost two
    years and this last November I got a female..for the
    longest time Piper (my male) acted very jealous and
    aggressive towards her however all of a sudden he is
    getting off his cage and going over to hers and hanging
    out on it seems like he is trying to make up for being a
    jacka%$ .. he does not seem to want to chase her like he
    used to or any of that he just patiently waits and
    watches..meanwhile she is scared to death of him because
    of his past she wants nothing to do with him.
    Does anyone think in time maybe this is a make up game and
    that maybe they will bond?. I just let him go to her cage
    every day and hang out on the playstand or crawl around it
    and they do ok ..supervised of course.
    Thank you

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