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Re: Looking for a female goffin

Posted by Neek on 2/18/08
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    On 2/18/08, Tim wrote:
    > On 2/18/08, Neek wrote:
    >> On 2/17/08, karen wrote:
    >>> On 2/17/08, Neek wrote:
    >>>> I'm looking for a 3 year old or older female goffin(pet).
    >>>> Also, I need her to be shipped if she is not local.
    >>>> Thanks
    > Why does it have to be a female?
    I have a female already and I was looking for a companion bird.
    With hopes that one day they may become cage mates. Also, I don't
    want to breed them and I don't want to have the male aggression.
    Overall, I'm hoping for a happy ending if it is possible lol..