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Re: Looking for a female goffin

Posted by Neek on 2/18/08
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    On 2/18/08, karen wrote:
    >> Overall, I'm hoping for a happy ending if it is possible lol..
    > Best of luck, try taking adds out in your local papers.
    > I am in chicago area, & the # of refuge birds here is unreal.
    > That is why I push that topic.
    > The refuges here are FULL of unwanted birds. But as you said they
    > do not ship as they require a home Insp.
    I've been looking for a while now without luck. But we do have a bird
    fair coming up in March, so if all fails I may find one there. Also,
    there is a refuge in Texas that I have contacted and I'm waiting to
    here back with their policies. I'm sure it will be like all the others
    (no out of state adoption). We'll see....