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Re: I found a female Goffin

Posted by S on 2/19/08
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    Be patient. When we bring a new bird home, we don't try to
    handle it immediately. Your Goffin needs some adjustment
    time to absorb its new environment. Try talking to her and
    see how she reacts.

    We have a 30 year old imported Goffin who allows us to
    handle her. She was not handled a lot because she "fear
    bites". With gentle voices and the occasional treat for
    good behavior, the risk of biting has diminished. Not
    eliminated, but diminished. It took about 4 months to get
    her that way. Your bird will show you when it wants to be
    handled and how it wants to be handled.

    Thank you for adopting!

    On 2/18/08, Neek wrote:
    > I adopted a female Goffin from Virginia, she is 6 years
    > old and semi-tame. I was wondering if anyone has had
    > success with taming a cockatoo who hasn't been handled
    > much. It's ok for me if she stays that way, but it would
    > be wonderful to be able to clip her wings and nails
    > without a problem. Let me know what you think. Thanks