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Re: I found a female Goffin

Posted by Neek on 2/19/08
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    On 2/19/08, S wrote:
    > Be patient. When we bring a new bird home, we don't try to
    > handle it immediately. Your Goffin needs some adjustment
    > time to absorb its new environment. Try talking to her and
    > see how she reacts.
    > We have a 30 year old imported Goffin who allows us to
    > handle her. She was not handled a lot because she "fear
    > bites". With gentle voices and the occasional treat for
    > good behavior, the risk of biting has diminished. Not
    > eliminated, but diminished. It took about 4 months to get
    > her that way. Your bird will show you when it wants to be
    > handled and how it wants to be handled.
    > Thank you for adopting!
    > On 2/18/08, Neek wrote:
    >> I adopted a female Goffin from Virginia, she is 6 years
    >> old and semi-tame. I was wondering if anyone has had
    >> success with taming a cockatoo who hasn't been handled
    >> much. It's ok for me if she stays that way, but it would
    >> be wonderful to be able to clip her wings and nails
    >> without a problem. Let me know what you think. Thanks
    Thanks for sharing that with me, it gives me hope....I'll post
    how she's doing in the future. Thanks again