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Re: Male- Galah wanted in MO

Posted by Erin on 10/14/08
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    On 4/24/08, Sduncan wrote:
    > I have a wonderful galah that would love to have a
    > playmate. I would definately consider any age, and
    > behavior issues as well. As long it is not that they have
    > killed their mate or another bird. I definately want a
    > male, so it would have to have been or to be tested. I
    > have a great cage ready to go for a new friend. I am not
    > interested in a new breeder baby. I would rather give a
    > kid who is "not wanted anymore" or "who is not getting the
    > time they need" from their human parents. I would prefer
    > to rescue and pay a rehoming fee. I live in MO, but would
    > consider kids for all over the US. Thanks for reading and
    > have a great day.
    Becareful because they may not get along.