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Re: Sudden plucking

Posted by Connie on 5/17/08
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    Even though you rescued her (and kudos to you for doing
    that), she is in a very new place and that alone will stress
    her out and tramatize her. She is upset right now and
    doesn't understand why she is where she is and dosen't know
    where she is. That is gonna take some time. You will have to
    show her alot of love and attention and even then, it will
    take time for her to adjust. Birds, on a whole, generally
    hate change. Give her time. Also, if she sees you freak out,
    it'll make it worse. Calm down and realize that she had alot
    of adjusting to do...

    On 5/01/08, NewtoToos wrote:
    > So my Cockatoo Zoe, who we rescued three weeks ago,
    > suddenly started plucking this morning (or overnite).
    > When I got up this morning there were small feathers all
    > over her cage and when I examined her to see where they
    > came from, she has a bald patch on her chest!
    > Granted we have not had her very long at all, but it was
    > my understanding that she has never done this before. She
    > is a very sweet and I would like to think, happy bird.
    > What are the factors, if any, that would cause sudden
    > plucking?
    > Thank you!