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Posted by Randy on 7/09/08
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    On 7/08/08, Erin wrote:
    > Hi, I visited a Goffin's Cockatoo that is being rehomed.
    > It has alot less powder then I imagined. If you rub it
    > some powder comes off on your clothes, but not nearly as
    > much as with my African Grey.
    > I checked the powder down feathers (on the flanks) and if
    > you rib those there is alot of powder. The beak and nails
    > and all feathers growing in are normal (blodd supply is
    > normal color, feather is not deformed).
    > Do Goffin's make less powder? Could this bird have less
    > powder because it pluckes its feathers and takes out the
    > powder down feathers so doesn;t produce as much? (I could
    > see alot of holes on the flanks under the contour
    > feathers).
    > Or it is most likely PBFD? Or are there other reasons for
    > less powder (like the plucking)?
    > (just as security, I always wear clothes that I can throw
    > out when I go to visit birds, and I go to my mom's to
    > change and take a very long, very hot shower).

    Actually, all TOOs produce more dander than greys but the
    amount lessens as more feathers disappear. That would also
    apply to greys.
    A lessening of dander has nothing to do with PBFD. It's very
    possible that the TOO you mention has extremely dry,
    irritated skin which causes the plucking. Plucking can also
    have something to do with the nervousness of the bird. TOOS
    have a higher incidence of plucking than greys.
    PS--there's no difference between the amount of dander given
    off by a Goffins or any other TOO except for the small Red
    breasted TOO, sometimes referred to as Galah.