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Posted by Connie on 7/15/08
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    Correction: It's PBFD, not BBFD (darn fingers don't want to work
    at times) and the website is They will send you
    necessary kits for blood testing free but you will have to pay for
    the test. Connie

    On 7/15/08, Connie wrote:
    > Just an FYI on BBFD better known as Beak & Feather Disease... If
    > it's a baby bird and they have PBFD, the first thing you will
    > notice is that will probably be born without a tail, and then if
    > it has a tail, it can still have the disease. Most usual signs
    > are nail/talons will grow at an extra rapidly rate, curling
    > under quickly making a circle... I mean at an unusual rate of
    > growth. Another sign is that the feathers won't grow back in
    > unless it's at an unusual slow rate. The best way to test is by
    > blood sample usually sent to Biotech,com. or skin testing. IF
    > your bird is positive for it, start immediately to put Vitamin A
    > in their water (3 drops to an ounce for a sick bird) and also in
    > their food. Change it daily. .. ONE of the symptoms is that they
    > are forever scratching themselves as that's the agony of this
    > disease and at first, you may think they just preen alot, but
    > they will be in an uncomfortable itch. I lost a bird to PBFD and
    > I do know about this disease. After testing ALL of my birds, I
    > use the vitamin A and other vitamins as well in their food and
    > water and keep a close eye on them. This disease is contagious
    > and I change my babies (all of my birds are my babies) food &
    > water every day as a precaution. I hope this helps. God
    > Bless.... Connie
    > On 7/09/08, Erin wrote:
    >> Thanks for your response Randy.
    >> But I have read in several places that lack of (or lestening
    >> of) powder down can be a first sign of PBFD. That is why I
    >> was questioning.
    >> Thank you for your time.