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Re: Rehomed Cockatoo

Posted by S. on 7/15/08
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    Join the Yahoo Group "Healthipet Network". This is a group
    of bird lovers and rescues that specialize in rehoming,
    rescue, and rehab for all types of birds. You will get more
    information from that group alone than you will from a board
    like this.
    Thank you for bringing this bird to your home.

    On 7/13/08, Paula wrote:
    > Hi - just wanted to see if anyone has experience getting a
    > bird that has already been in two different homes? This
    > is supposed to be a 3 yr old Medium Sulphur Crested -
    > current home is clean - didn't notice many toys,
    > especially in the cage where she/he is kept during the day
    > when "mom and dad" are working. Any suggestions or
    > experiences would be appreciated - thanks