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Re: Rehomed Cockatoo

Posted by Connie on 8/15/08
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    Hi Paula, I've done several rescues and placed them in homes
    but I did keep one little guy who had to stay with me. I still
    have him to this day along with my other birds. This little
    guy (actually he's older too... about 8-10 and will live to be
    approx. 25.) had been shifted from home to home after his
    original owner, who he must have loved, died. Well, after
    that, no-one would keep him. He got sold from home to home to
    home! He started biting and didn't trust anyone. (I can't
    blame him for that.) The owner's kid's (where I got him) would
    go down to the basement (where they kept him) and would see
    empty seeds and figure that he'd been fed so he was starving
    when I got him. Also, they would take a stick and poke it
    through the cage at him ( I heard this from "here-say") and he
    was treated really bad. I do know that his wings will never
    let him fly because they are damaged badly and he has 1 broken
    toe. When I first got him, he was pooping clear and he was so
    boney that when I turned him over to feel his pelvis, I
    actually thought he was a girl until I ran a DNA on him. I
    was "fit to be tied" (mad) as we say here down on the
    southeastern coast. I took him to the doctor, got him some
    antibiotics, picked up some vitamins and I gave all of that to
    him and had to hand feed him back to health. That was 3 years
    ago and he has his own stand (so he can't bite the other
    birds) and now he sings opera. He talks and will finally,
    after working with him, will give me kisses without biting my
    lip off. he will always have a home here.
    The point in this story is that it is gonna take some time and
    work on your part and his to work with each other. He may tend
    to want to bite. I bought a camel colored leather glove and
    wear it on my right hand when I go to get this bird out of the
    cage. He has a phobia of wanting to bite natural skin only
    when he comes out of his cage (someone must have just reached
    in and grab him and flung him or something because he has
    never gotten over that). So, using the glove, I place it in
    front of him and he hops on and then we go to his stand and
    the other birds go to the big one and they are all in the same
    room. Your bird is gonna have to accept the change and he may
    bite so if he does, get a camel colored glove (or one to match
    your skin and thick) and work with him at his pace.
    I'm sorry to drag on and on but I've been where you are now,
    but probably on worse terms and if I can do it, so can you.
    Good luck to you and God Bless you. I'm sure that alot of
    people on here will help you. That's what this website is all
    about. If you need me, I'm here... Connie

    On 7/15/08, S. wrote:
    > Join the Yahoo Group "Healthipet Network". This is a group
    > of bird lovers and rescues that specialize in rehoming,
    > rescue, and rehab for all types of birds. You will get more
    > information from that group alone than you will from a board
    > like this.
    > Thank you for bringing this bird to your home.
    > On 7/13/08, Paula wrote:
    >> Hi - just wanted to see if anyone has experience getting a
    >> bird that has already been in two different homes? This
    >> is supposed to be a 3 yr old Medium Sulphur Crested -
    >> current home is clean - didn't notice many toys,
    >> especially in the cage where she/he is kept during the day
    >> when "mom and dad" are working. Any suggestions or
    >> experiences would be appreciated - thanks