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Re: Rehomed Cockatoo

Posted by April P on 9/05/08
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    I completely agree with karen. Go to They are
    the best site out there for Cockatoos. I'm a member and I just
    adopted a Goffin's Cockatoo that was abused and had a phone book
    thrown at him and it broke his wing. I have only had him a
    month. But 1 month = 1 second in too time. Zeus is in bad
    shape. Now this too you are talking about is 3 years old.
    Understand that in the next year or so he is going to start
    going through hormonal issues during mating season and they can
    be a holy terror for months. You need to go to so
    you can learn everything that they can give you. I don't
    suggest getting it until you can talk to them.
    >> On 7/13/08, Paula wrote:
    >>> Hi - just wanted to see if anyone has experience getting a
    >>> bird that has already been in two different homes? This
    >>> is supposed to be a 3 yr old Medium Sulphur Crested -
    >>> current home is clean - didn't notice many toys,
    >>> especially in the cage where she/he is kept during the day
    >>> when "mom and dad" are working. Any suggestions or
    >>> experiences would be appreciated - thanks

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