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Re: lost big white unbrilla cockatoo male

Posted by Connie on 8/27/08
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    What city and state are you in Sandy? I am so sorry and I
    hope you find Mickey. I love my pets so much and my heart
    goes out to you along with my prayers... Connie

    On 8/26/08, Sandy Eng wrote:
    > If any one can help me find my lost love;MICKEY;; He flew
    > off his purch that was on top of his cage that was out in
    > our back deck. I have been writing to every known lost
    > post that I can find if you have seen mickey he is a very
    > big white unbrilla cockatoo and that he has been lost
    > 08/22/07; I will not stop looking for hem he loves to
    > dances. hellow. hay baby. stop that stop .laughs and bobs
    > his head to music..and love to go in the car for rides; if
    > you have hem or know where he is we are more than happy to
    > give you a reward;;;;;;PLEASE CALL US COLLECT 425 778 7219