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Re: Need help deciding on the right bird

Posted by Connie on 9/06/08
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    Cockatoos are not the most independent birds in the birdworld
    but they are everything you'd want in a bird. I would suggest
    the second smallest which is the Goffin's Cockatoo. They are
    alittle more independent and are usually more suitable for the
    whole family. We love our "Charley". Do some research before
    committing to any bird and make your choice then. Connie

    On 9/05/08, karen wrote:
    > On 9/04/08, Sabrina wrote:
    >> I am trying to decide what type of cockatoo is best as
    >> a "family" bird?
    > oops forgot
    > find a bird club in your area.
    > find people that will let you meet there birds & tell you
    > about them first hand,
    > No one can tell you what will work for you
    > Good luck