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Re: Need help deciding on the right bird

Posted by Sabrina on 9/09/08
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    Thanks to all who replied. We actually decided on a
    Lessor/Goffin hybrid baby who we will be getting next
    Wednesday. We are VERY excited!

    On 9/06/08, Connie wrote:
    > Cockatoos are not the most independent birds in the birdworld
    > but they are everything you'd want in a bird. I would suggest
    > the second smallest which is the Goffin's Cockatoo. They are
    > alittle more independent and are usually more suitable for the
    > whole family. We love our "Charley". Do some research before
    > committing to any bird and make your choice then. Connie
    > On 9/05/08, karen wrote:
    >> On 9/04/08, Sabrina wrote:
    >>> I am trying to decide what type of cockatoo is best as
    >>> a "family" bird?
    >> oops forgot
    >> find a bird club in your area.
    >> find people that will let you meet there birds & tell you
    >> about them first hand,
    >> No one can tell you what will work for you
    >> Good luck