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Re: mulican cockatoo plucking feathers

Posted by Donna on 10/14/08
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    Karen, thanks for the help.

    On 10/14/08, karen wrote:
    > On 10/14/08, Donna wrote:
    >> Help please. I have a mulican cockatoo named Mango. She
    >> has been with me for 5 years. She is a very friendly.
    > She
    >> had one owner before us. She is about 8 years old. She
    >> started plucking her chest feathers about a week ago. I
    >> immediately took her to the vet and of course the have
    > done
    >> the blood work which cameback with no issues. So... we
    >> are assuming she is doing a mental pluck. Nothing has
    >> changed in her environment. The vet gave us antiobotics
    >> and a few other medicines which she has been taking for a
    >> week. She continues to pluck to the bleeding point. I
    >> have tried a sock around her neckso she can notget to her
    >> chest, however, if youknow birds theycan reach anywhere.
    >> Can anyone help with a way to keep her away from her chest
    >> so it can heal?
    > Go to the above link, send an E-mail or call
    > Lori Drew is known for her ability to "rehab" Toos
    > She has a big heart & will give you some ideas
    > -She is the best hope I know of for this heart breaking issue
    > I would guess your Too is going through a hormone surge at 8
    > years old. All grown up & frustrated
    > also go to thay can help also
    > -there are just too many things to cover in an e-mail note-
    > Good luck