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Re: runny poop

Posted by Connie on 11/12/08
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    Every time I feed any of my birds fresh apples, they always
    poop most clear and runny until they get it out of their
    system. It is good for them, given moderately. They are like
    us, fruit and certain veggies will regulate our bowels and
    kidneys. Take care..

    On 11/01/08, Julie wrote:
    > On 10/22/08, cathy wrote:
    >> Can anyone help? I got a 6 mo old rose breasted cockatoo
    >> yesterday, and she has runny poop. is this common for a
    >> cockatoo? I got the bird from an individule ont pet shop.
    >> am feeding it pellets and roman lettuce and apple so far
    >> this morning. any help would be great
    > On 11/02/08, Julie:-
    > I would stop feeding your bird lettuce. Substitute other
    > greens. Kale, beans, peas etc.