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Re: Does your bird like its Beak rubbed?

Posted by karen on 1/22/09
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    On 1/21/09, Rick wrote:
    > We are currently Fostering a U2 and I have noticed that it
    > seems he likes his beak massaged. He will extend his upper
    > beak outwards when I am rubbing it. The appearance of this
    > is that he looks like he a bad case of overbite. Does
    > else have a bird that enjoys their beak being massaged or
    > rubbed?
    > Thanks in advance,
    > Rick

    Yes, Rick
    In my experience the first place you will be able to touch a
    rescue bird is the beak.
    It is there strongest most secure spot.
    You can not hurt them & they can bite to defend themselves.
    You can be seen & they can watch your every move.
    I always test a refuge or rescued bird beak first.
    They will quickly let you know if they are comfortable with
    you! Best to use slow movements & if they grab you slowly
    push your finger toward there mouth to get a release. Never
    jerk your finger out of a toos mouth if you can help it.
    But I will bet you know that! Ouch! Toos have such a bite
    Macaws that grab I tend to wrap the fingers around the upper
    beak & pry the beak open if need be. Amazons, I put there
    feet on the ground to get the release & pick them up again
    with the flat of my palm in front of there beak -strike the
    palm all they want- Watch for eye pinning before a bad bite.
    My OWA now enjoys letting me groom his beak, keep it clean &
    remove any flakes. This took about a year to gain this trust.
    The TAG wants to kiss, kiss when I touch his beak. He was
    not treated badly & has no trust issues
    They are all different but it is a great place to start
    gaining trust & seeing the birds limits.