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Re: taming a 9 yr old umbrella cockatoo

Posted by Cockatoo Princess on 3/11/09
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    On 3/11/09, ethel wrote:
    > i have just had him 2 weeks he will take treats out of my
    > hand sometimes just starting to come out of his cage backs
    > away and trys to bite if i go near him help please someone
    > also the powder what can help that

    Time and patience will help your bird over come his shyness
    and protectiveness. Be gentle with him and take things
    slowly. Two weeks is nothing compared to the life span of a
    bird. If this bird is being re-homed to you, he probably has
    baggage that may not be pleasant from his former home or
    As far as the powder down goes, the dustier a Cockatoo is,
    the healthier he is. You can provide him with a bath bowl
    and he may take a bath. If he is afraid of it, put it in
    daily. Possibly put a grape or piece of fruit in to entice
    him to use it.
    You will definitely want to invest in a good quality air
    cleaner that can be put in the room where he is kept. This
    will help eliminate some of the powder and will keep both him
    and the humans in the house healthier.
    Good luck with him.