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Re: Parrots that are compatible with Cockatoos

Posted by Gary on 3/30/09
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    I have a 10 year old, female, U2 that is in the same room with
    two Male Meyers, one Female Jardine, one Female Senegal and
    one Male Patagonian Conure. Everything seems to be ok. Of
    course they are all in separate cages but the only problem
    that has been a problem was if I have the U2 on my shoulder,
    sitting in my chair, and I had one of the Meyers in my hand.
    My Princess wasn't happy about me holding another bird. Other
    than that....

    On 3/23/09, Jennifer wrote:
    > I have an8 year old female cockatoo, and I was looking into
    > getting another parrot. I have found that Macaws are
    > extremely allergic to cockatoo dust. I was wondering if
    > anyone new of any parrots that are compatible. I won't be
    > keeping them in the same cage but their cages will be in
    > the same room. Do I need to stay with Cockatoos?