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Re: ducorps?

Posted by gayle pezzo on 4/26/09
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    On 4/01/09, tracy anderson wrote:
    > i just got a ducorps last friday she wants to spend alot
    > of time with laidoff right now for a couple of weeks
    > so do i let her hang out with me all day or keep to the time
    > i would only be at home if i was working? i dont want to
    > mess this bird more? she only comes to me how can my
    > wife get to no her? this is are first big bird so we are
    > kinda lost even with all thelooking on the net we do. than
    > you tracy
    Hi Especially with any kind of cockatoo try and keep things as
    consistant as possible. You do not want to create a screaming
    bi8rd that doesnt understand why all of a sudden it isnt
    getting the same attention as it was while you were at home.
    You can give it a little extra attention but for the most part
    try and stick to things the way they were while you were
    working since you will be working again in the near future.


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