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Re: very needy

Posted by karen on 4/07/09
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    On 4/06/09, joni wrote:
    > meatball is 4yrs him.i can do anything to and
    > with him.very loving bird,however he needs me in his sight
    > constantly or he will call me incessantly.this can really
    > drive a person insane and i have actually left my own home
    > just to get some peace.i have tried many things to try to
    > get him out of this habit with no success.i've spent a
    > small fortune on training techniques.nothing much
    > as i love him i am actually cosidering sending him to a
    > bird rescue.i'm desperate. it's the last thing i want to
    > do.but i don't feel i have a quality of life is
    > being hurt.someone PLEASE HELP ME!

    I had this problem with my TAG rescue.
    This is an insecure bird trying to maintain contact with its
    flock. You are the “flock”.
    Poor little guy can not figure why You would leave and not
    stay in contact! And where are you going?
    In the wild loosing the flock is death!
    One of the first things to do is take the birds for a walk
    around the house. They need to know the lay of the house &
    that there are no dangers.
    It also helps them understand where you go when they can not
    see you. Take the walk & explain the rooms each day with
    each bird, after a time once a wk may be good.
    They need to understand the house is not a danger & the
    house is there home When I leave the room I explain where I
    am going with the same words used during the house tour.
    This is the laundry room, -I am going to the laundry room
    etc, Most birds pick up words & will start to understand
    where you are going & what is going on.
    It takes a bit of time, & no yelling on your part is
    allowed. It also helps if the house is quiet
    So they can hear what is going on & do not have to yell over
    the TV or radio
    -You will not have a quiet bird in a loud house.
    -Next when you are in another room make a call, I
    use “WooHoo” Use something you want them to repeat! This
    will be your flock contact call.
    My Grey needed a sound to use when he was upset & needed to
    call to me. WooHoo was a sound I could stand.
    Do not go running to them after they start yelling,
    understand why they yell & work with it.
    The above can work if there other needs are being met.
    Proper food, cage layout, lots of toys, lighting, 8-10hr
    sleep time, afternoon quiet time, active playtime, face time
    with you Etc. etc. I have also found that my OWA becomes
    entrance with the TV. He likes square bob sponge pants &
    the bird sitter video.
    All birds are different, & you have to try different thing
    to see what works. -I have found that playing chase & throw
    for 5 min will keep my TAG happy for some time. I toss a
    wiffle ball to the right of him, he runs for it & throws it
    at me, then to the left etc. (Never at him) till he quits.
    I also have play areas in different parts of the house and
    take my guys around the house with me at times.
    I have cages in the basement for laundry day & tornado
    warnings. Many play areas, tons of toys & lots of fresh
    frt. & veg. 2X a day helps to keep my boys happy.
    One thing you have to take care with TOOs is not to sexually
    stimulate them by petting under the wings!
    If you have been doing that you will have to be especially
    patient as they have to learn to play with toys to displace
    the sexual obsession.
    -Take a deep breath & stay calm, birds can tell when you are
    upset "drama" & will just spin up more.
    Best of luck