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Re: very needy

Posted by karen on 4/07/09
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    go to
    best site I know of for Toos
    Take care, if you have been stimulating your bird often
    by rubbing under its wings a sudden stop may be met with a
    frustrated bite.
    Your bird has needs,
    you just need to find positive ways to fulfill them
    If your Too is not used to playing with toys you may have to
    encourage & show the bird how to fill its time.
    My TAG did not have toys for the first 10years of his life.
    It took me abut 6mo. to teach him about toys.
    He was fearful so I had to go slow.

    The contact call is a key for our house.
    I taught my TAG the call in less than 4hr.
    When he made his Ear Piercing Scream
    I walked to the other end of the house with no drama.
    Then calmly called WooHoo about 10 sec. apart as he screamed.
    When he got quiet I came back.
    A few min later when the screaming started again
    I repeated the above.
    On the 3rd or 4th try his scream changed to a WooHoo
    I ran back into the room telling him how smart he is & he go a
    hand full of nuts.
    Now with practice the scream is gone, replaced with WooHoo
    If I am out of sight he will call me with our contact call,
    I will call back
    He is happy & goes back to playing.
    Again try
    Best of luck