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Re: very needy

Posted by joni on 4/07/09
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    On 4/07/09, karen wrote:
    > Hi
    > go to
    > best site I know of for Toos
    > Take care, if you have been stimulating your bird often
    > by rubbing under its wings a sudden stop may be met with a
    > frustrated bite.
    > Your bird has needs,
    > you just need to find positive ways to fulfill them
    > If your Too is not used to playing with toys you may have to
    > encourage & show the bird how to fill its time.
    > My TAG did not have toys for the first 10years of his life.
    > It took me abut 6mo. to teach him about toys.
    > He was fearful so I had to go slow.
    > The contact call is a key for our house.
    > I taught my TAG the call in less than 4hr.
    > When he made his Ear Piercing Scream
    > I walked to the other end of the house with no drama.
    > Then calmly called WooHoo about 10 sec. apart as he screamed.
    > When he got quiet I came back.
    > A few min later when the screaming started again
    > I repeated the above.
    > On the 3rd or 4th try his scream changed to a WooHoo
    > Jackpot!
    > I ran back into the room telling him how smart he is & he go a
    > hand full of nuts.
    > Now with practice the scream is gone, replaced with WooHoo
    > If I am out of sight he will call me with our contact call,
    > I will call back
    > He is happy & goes back to playing.
    > Again try
    > Best of luck
    i can't tell you how wonderful it is to have someone real to talk
    to about my can really understand what i'm going thru and
    how i feel because you have been thru it too.thanks again for your
    input and i will let you know how it works.i taught him how to
    fetch the wifel ball for a seed treat and he picked it up very
    quickly.we both had fun. joni