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Re: very needy

Posted by joan pharo on 7/11/09
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    On 7/11/09, kittyj wrote:
    > I have 4 umbrella cockatoo males. Make sure your 'too has a
    > LARGE cage, multiple LARGE "away from cage" playstands(make
    > sure they are large), and TOYS TOYS TOYS TOYS TOYS TOYS TOYS
    > TOYS!!!!!! I mean 2-5 toys is NOT enough, Im talking about
    > 10 per cage and 3 on each stand and 10 in a box not used and
    > switching out daily.
    > My 'toos playgrounds (they are cage free, but when caged
    > their cages had 8+foraging toys,a nd 2 VERY HARD ones they
    > have to WORK for all dya long) have SO MANY foraging toys.
    > I recommend the FORAGING CAPSUL
    > I only put totally organic pellets into their food dishes,
    > and ofcourse morning veggies and cooked foods into their
    > food dishes, but then they get their harrison pellets and
    > nuts, and seed and dried fruit in their foraging toys. ALL
    > junk food in foraging toys :) And they WORK IT with that one
    > toy (well they have SO MANY OTHERS but this is an all time
    > favorite).
    > Hope this helps :)
    > Kittyj
    thankyou so much for your advice.i will get right on it.i'll
    let you know how it goes.meatball's mom