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Re: very needy

Posted by tooreal on 8/24/09
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    On 4/06/09, joni wrote:
    > meatball is 4yrs him.i can do anything to and
    > with him.very loving bird,however he needs me in his sight
    > constantly or he will call me incessantly.this can really
    > drive a person insane and i have actually left my own home
    > just to get some peace.i have tried many things to try to
    > get him out of this habit with no success.i've spent a
    > small fortune on training techniques.nothing much
    > as i love him i am actually cosidering sending him to a
    > bird rescue.i'm desperate. it's the last thing i want to
    > do.but i don't feel i have a quality of life is
    > being hurt.someone PLEASE HELP ME!