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Re: very needy

Posted by tooreal on 8/24/09
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    On 4/06/09, joni wrote:
    > meatball is 4yrs him.i can do anything to and
    > with him.very loving bird,however he needs me in his sight
    > constantly or he will call me incessantly.this can really
    > drive a person insane and i have actually left my own home
    > just to get some peace.i have tried many things to try to
    > get him out of this habit with no success.i've spent a
    > small fortune on training techniques.nothing much
    > as i love him i am actually cosidering sending him to a
    > bird rescue.i'm desperate. it's the last thing i want to
    > do.but i don't feel i have a quality of life is
    > being hurt.someone PLEASE HELP ME!

    I hope you are having luck!I am a adopted single featherd
    daughter parent that works long shifts.
    What works for Lola seems to be rides whenever
    possible,old rock music,being outside even though shes
    almost full flighted,on the deck or in her favorite fruit
    trees she will stay in them for hours."Beware of hawks"
    We tend to forget their need of being so vocal.
    My bird is so very loving she would always stay on your lap
    and be rubbed I have learned to do that shorter periods of
    My bird dances to music also so we used to dance to wear
    her down before bedtime but she became a little agressive
    which slowed this activity down.
    I have also read recently that they need to hunt some such
    as a treat hidden in a toy.
    I am sure u have had some good and repeated advice but I
    hope alot has helped.