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Re: Too Possessive Umbrella

Posted by Rick on 5/23/09
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    On 5/23/09, Shawnee wrote:
    > I have issues with an umbrella i recently adopted. He
    > loves me dearly and I can do anything with him. Everyone
    > else in the family, he hates with a passion and will
    > actually climb off of his cage to chase around the house.
    > I have lots of large bird experience but have never had
    > this level of possessiveness over me by a bird. I am
    > concerned as he is chasing my 2 year old and 7 year old.
    > They are not old enough or brave enough to be able to
    > handle such an issue. My husband can handle him but not
    > the kids. Can anyone suggest anything which may help? I
    > appreciate any advice.

    You state you have lots of large bird experience. What does
    this truly mean? Many of us here have lots of big bird
    experience, but also have common sense to go with it. Sorry to
    be so blunt.

    You first concern is for your children, and in addition, the
    birds safety. With your lots of big bird experience, you then
    know that these birds can do much irreversible damage with
    their beaks.

    In conclusion, you have a highly jealous Bird on your hands.
    This is a very serious and potentially dangerous problem. I
    suggest you go to and ask all the questions you can
    regarding this problem. This is the ultimate Toos site for
    problem Toos.

    Another question for you. How much background do you have /
    came with this adopted bird. A reputable Rescue would not have
    adopted this bird to you if he had shown aggression to
    children. Most don't adopt to families with small children
    because of the risk factors. So I am assuming you got this
    bird from an individual looking to rehome him.

    Please check out This would be your greatest asset.