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Re: Cockatoo--Laying eggs

Posted by Cockatina on 5/29/09
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    On 5/29/09, carlos wrote:
    > I have a problem with a Cockatoo ,,,she is more than 7 years
    > and is laying egg on the floor now,,why she is doing that
    > when she dont have a male.....What i have to do or give to
    > her so she can stop doing that?????

    Carlos, a female cockatoo doesn't need a male to lay eggs.
    The eggs will, of course, not be fertile.
    Don't remove the eggs;this will only encourage her to lay
    Let her sit on the eggs until she becomes bored with them as
    they will never hatch.
    Also, make sure her diet is rich in calcium so as to not
    become egg bound.