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Re: Cockatoo--Laying eggs

Posted by Cockatina on 5/30/09
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    On 5/29/09, Carlos wrote:
    > On 5/29/09, Cockatina wrote:
    >> On 5/29/09, carlos wrote:
    >>> I have a problem with a Cockatoo ,,,she is more than 7 years
    >>> and is laying egg on the floor now,,why she is doing that
    >>> when she dont have a male.....What i have to do or give to
    >>> her so she can stop doing that?????
    >> Carlos, a female cockatoo doesn't need a male to lay eggs.
    >> The eggs will, of course, not be fertile.
    >> Don't remove the eggs;this will only encourage her to lay
    >> more.
    >> Let her sit on the eggs until she becomes bored with them as
    >> they will never hatch.
    >> Also, make sure her diet is rich in calcium so as to not
    >> become egg bound.
    > ....
    > Thanks for ur response,,,,OK,,,,so what kind of food could i
    > give her rich in calcium???

    You could hard-cook eggs and mash the egg and the shells together
    and feed it to her.
    Dark green vegetables like broccoli, kale, collard greens are
    good sources of calcium.
    Also a cuttlebone scraped on her wet food will also help.