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Re: Cockatoo--Laying eggs

Posted by TheParrotPantry on 5/31/09
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    On 5/30/09, Cockatina wrote:
    > On 5/29/09, Carlos wrote:
    >> On 5/29/09, Cockatina wrote:
    >>> On 5/29/09, carlos wrote:
    >>>> I have a problem with a Cockatoo ,,,she is more than 7 years
    >>>> and is laying egg on the floor now,,why she is doing that
    >>>> when she dont have a male.....What i have to do or give to
    >>>> her so she can stop doing that?????

    That is just "nature". No male needed, it just happens with mature
    females. Now you know for sure you have a female! Just make sure
    your bird has a balanced diet. Not just seed but I recommend
    Nutriberries from Lafeber, and the Zupreme pellets as total
    nutritional alternatives to feed along with your seed, but put your
    pellets in a different bowl so you have less waste. As a rule of
    thumb, anything orange colored is great for your bird. Carrots,
    Sweet potato, yams, cooked squash. I ordered a "skewer" that I can
    load fruit on like a kabob from Fosters&Smith. My cockatoo LOVES
    it. I string chunks of melon & cantalope and pinapple on it, or
    cut and orange in half or a watermelon chunk, or apple or pears on
    it. It has a locking bottom so fruit does not fall off. The bird
    does not drop the food on the the cage bottom like when you put it
    in their bowl. The birds just munch the fruit until it is gone.
    It is stainless steel and easy to clean. My bird just bounces up
    and down when she see me coming to her cage with that "kabob"
    loaded up.