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Posted by Rick on 6/22/09
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    Bob, is the site you need to check in with. They deal
    specifically with cockatoos issues, behaviors, problems, etc.
    A great site for all cockatoo lovers.
    They have a vast array (meaning years of)of information that
    they can share with you.

    Check it out, you won't be sorry you did.

    On 6/22/09, BOB wrote:
    > Hello everybody,i just adopted this 8 yr old umberella
    > cockatoo,the day i got him he was very friendly with
    > me ,he step on my finger ,he let me cuddle him,he even
    > lift his wings and let me touch them,but it didnt lasted
    > long,i dont know after he met my wife and son,suddenly his
    > behavior changed and he is v v scared of me,he will let my
    > wife and son to touch him,but when i go near him he will
    > run away,we also have goffin and consure,which are v
    > friendly,please need some advice,what should i do???