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Post: LOST - Goffin Cockatoo - Orange County, CA

Posted by Kristy on 10/08/09

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    His name is Wellington, he was lost on Sunday 9/20/09
    around 3:30PM. He was in the courtyard of our complex until
    around 4:30AM on 9/21/09, that was the last time we heard
    him screaming, but he doesn't see too well in the dark, and
    didn't want to fly down to us. He was at the top of a 30 ft
    tree, so we could not get him down. He was a wild caught
    bird, but has been in captivity for over 15 years, and I'm
    sure he misses his home and his fellow bird friend. He does
    not talk, but he will make mumbling noises when he's trying
    to get someone's attention. and he does a pretty good voice
    impression of a whistle. We are located off the 5 and the
    55, at McFadden and Tustin Village Way. He really means the
    world to us, and we would like to see him returned home
    ASAP. This has been posted on 911parrotalert.

    Please contact me or my fiancÚ if you find him or hear a
    loud constant squawking in your area from the tops of high
    trees. He seems to get scared and want to be home around
    dusk, and he is hard to get down, but I would love to be
    able to try and get him back. PLEASE call me at any site of
    a white cockatoo in the wild, that sort of seems like he's
    better suited to be in a loving home.

    My cell phone number is 714-655-9533 and my email is and my fiancÚ is Ryan, his number
    is 714-206-1469 and email is


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