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Re: Feeding Question-Help!!!!!!!!

Posted by Ladyhawk747 on 12/24/09
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    On 11/12/09, kelly wrote:
    > I have a 20 year old cockatoo female I adopted from a man
    > who had no idea pine nuts and peanuts were not supposed to
    > be her only diet. She is quite plucked in the chest. I
    > have tried fruits, veggies, zupreem and anything and she
    > won't touch it. Any ideas of how to get her to expand her
    > diet????

    Hi, I took in a Red Lored Amazon three years ago which was
    abused. He would only eat Sun flower seeds. He was very thin
    and I didn't want him to lose more weight but his diet was a
    disaster. So I gave him lots of fruits and veggies. A little
    sun flower seed. I also had a bowl of Zupreem pelleted food.
    I had apples in front of him and peppers, offering him some.
    It took about a month or so, but he was hungrey and he
    started tasting the other food. Now he eats good. He gets sun
    flower seeds only for good behavior and not part of his main
    diet. Hope this helps. Offer other foods, they won't starve to