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Re: free to a good home

Posted by Gail on 4/12/10
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    On 4/07/10, Nicholas Cook wrote:
    > On 3/15/10, Robert wrote:
    >> I have a Lesser crested Cockatoo, i had him 20 + years.
    > when
    >> I got him he has a pellet in his wing and can't fly. I'm
    >> willing to give him away to a good home someone who owns
    >> parrots. hes a good bird with no bad habits, I live in
    >> Manassas Virginia near Washington Dc. Robert
    > Hello Robert: Nick from Baltimore City, Maryland 21223.
    > Has someone been Bless with your Lesser Crested Cockatoo ?
    > 3:00pm. ( E.S.T. ) Thanks, Nick.
    Very interested please get back with me i am in vb