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Post: cockatoo jealousy

Posted by kelly on 4/15/10

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    I would like to express my gratitude to all those who
    responded to my feeding help email. My 20 yo is now
    growing beautiful feathers and is eating quite well. Now
    I have a jealousy problem between my 2 females. My Cassie
    who came with a mate who unfortunately passed away before
    Christmas last year is now so jealous of the new (not so
    new now) u2 I adopted last year. They are fine as long as
    they stay the 30 feet apart they are now but Cassie loves
    to climb on my shoulder and take walks with me. This is
    fine as long as it is her. Snowball now, finally is doing
    the same thing and Cassie is so jealous. I can not walk
    Cassie anywhere near Snowballs cage, or she will jump off
    my shoulder and she almost looks like she wants to attack
    her. Does anyone have any kind of resolution for this
    problem? My dream would be for all 3 of my parrots to
    love each other. Thank you in advance for any help.

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