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Re: cockatoo

Posted by GreenLady on 7/13/10
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    On 7/12/10, delores wrote:
    > hello i hope someone can help me. i have a very good
    > talking cockatoo. i had her toenails cliped. now she is
    > not talking or not getting on my arm. can someone tell me
    > why my bird is acting this way. i love her and worried
    > about her. i hope and pray she will be ok. thank you.

    Delores, whomever clipped the nails might have made them too
    short and they are sore for your bird right now.
    She also may have been temporarily traumatized if she is not
    accustomed to having her nails trimmed.
    Give her time and she will probably come around as her normal
    self and start talking and stepping up.

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