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Post: Neglected cockatoo

Posted by Keysa on 8/09/10

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    Hi everyone :) I'm about to acquire a bare eyed cockatoo in
    a few weeks. He's a year old and very friendly.
    Unfortunately his previous owners are getting rid of him as
    he now screams for attention. They had acquired a puppy and
    so stopped spending time with Coco their bare eyed which
    was when he began demanding attention. I am able to provide
    him with a good deal of attention. I'm going to set him up
    on a more structured routine but was curious if anyone has
    had any experience with this. Will he stop screaming once
    he begins getting attention again? I've read that they
    shouldn't get too much attention as they will begin
    demanding it. what is the best way to train a cockatoo from
    screaming for attention?

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