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Re: Sick Mulucan Cocaktoo need advise!!!

Posted by lynn allen on 4/16/11
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    On 10/05/10, lisa wrote:
    > About 3 days My female 12 yr old started acting wierd,
    > sounds like a cough (beak wide open and looks hard to
    > breathe)heard clicking in chest (but not now) no snot
    > coming out nose, hasnt spoken/screamed as usual, very
    > quiet. Isnt drinking water. Now in last 2 days seems
    > better but a sneezing sorta sound, click (rubs beak on
    > ground alot while clicking sound). Got her to eat pear
    > puree' and a few green peas and 1 kidney bean. Today a
    > little more active then it suddenly returns, then goes and
    > playful again! Gave her plain yogurt (she liked) puree
    > pears, and took a few seeds too, cant get her to drink
    > water (worried about dehydration). Cant afford vet just
    > had emergency surgery on my golden retriever which took
    > every cent! I did alot of research and have been trying
    > things. Is humidty by shower good? (have moved her into
    > bathroom added heating pad below smaller cage/closed off
    > ac vents) cause right after her symtoms immediately flare
    > up like gasping. Once the humidity is gone she seems
    > better again. We live in florida and the humidity just
    > ended. Any suggestions? Am getting some Marvel Aid Bird
    > Antibiotic to try as a antibiotic if its respiratory.
    > She is a egg layer but its been 3 days and nothing, i dont
    > think she is binding either not with these symtoms. Oh
    > first day her crop felt very full today its soft to the
    > touch. (sorry trying to think of everything). Please
    > advise!!!!
    > Lisa