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Post: biting umbrella cockatoo

Posted by sharon on 10/13/10

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    Hello, My name is Sharon. I have a four year old umbrella
    cockatoo. He has been with us for 3 1/2 years. He was
    not really healthy when i got him so with the help from a
    great vet he is very healthy now. He has a cage that he
    spends the nights in and during the day he has a Large
    putch in the living room where he spends the day with us
    (me, my four kids, five dogs and cats) He even goes
    outside with us to the horses. He loves them too. Over
    the last several months he has started to bite the kids
    and other people that come over. Most of the time they
    dont see it coming he is sweet then for no reason bites
    them. He was sitting with my 6 yearold yesterday
    everything was fine. Then for no reason bit him in the
    face and almost took out his eye. Needless to say i am
    mad. This is not the first time but i am at a lose. What
    do i do? He wont bite me but i cant trust him. I dont
    want to lock him up for ever. I need help!!!!! Sharon in

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