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Re: Need help with your cockatoo?

Posted by alexmiota on 3/07/11
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    On 11/17/10, Charlie wrote:
    > There is a reason for screaming, biting, feather destructive
    > behavior and mess! Learn what they really are!
    I have a umbrella cockatoo. She's 3 years old but I have only
    had her for 3 months. She used to be very mello with me but
    my wife has been spending alot of daytime hours with her
    while i am at work and she has recently started biting me
    very hard some times. She will run up to me and bite me if we
    are sitting close together and it is starting to freak me
    out. I am not afraid of her but she sometimes has to be
    removed from me by my wife because she will keep comming back
    by me to bite me. Is there anything I can do to turn this
    around or is it too late for me?