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Post: Feerful Cockatoo

Posted by Janet on 1/07/11

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    Hi Niki,
    There might be a few things that are causing the new guy
    to stress out about your friend. Has he changed his hair
    style? My too hated it when I would cut or color my hair.
    Has he changed to location of the cage? Is the cage large
    enough? How busy is his home? Is he wearing a hat? I
    would suggest your friend keep things simple and not
    change the new guys surroundings. He should contact the
    place where he got the too and make sure what his daily
    routine was. Patients is a vertue. Be kind and loving be
    aware of the birds body language, he may be telling you
    things your not paying attention to. DO NOT WATCH JURASIC
    PARK!! that's a horror movie to toos. Sorry to rattle on.
    Good Luck.

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