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Post: response to Sick Mulucan Cocaktoo

Posted by Janet on 1/13/11

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    Your too may have a respitory infection. You might want to
    ask an online vet, or a pet rescue as they deal a lot with
    different aspects of cockatoo care. The following is my
    best guess, and that is all I have is a guess. If you
    cannot afford to take your too to the vet, you might want
    to go to the local feed store. they may have antibiotics
    and instructions on dosage. It is always best to take your
    bird to the vet. Your vet may have otc that may help also.
    Keep your too warm, if he has been responding well to the
    steam, you might want to add a drop of eucalipis oil to
    the steam. eucalipits is native to their county and it
    does help open the broncile ways. I'm not sure about all
    this, but this is my best guess. Keep looking for help,
    cause someone may know more than I do. I hope your too
    will be okay. I really do.

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