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Re: need info. on goffins cockatoo

Posted by jackie on 3/08/11
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    On 1/18/11, Rebecca wrote:
    > Hi. I was wondering if anyone could give me info. on
    > goffin cockatoos. We are condidering one as a pet and I
    > wondered if anyone would share stories, pics and general
    > info. on how these adorable birds are as pets. I'm not a
    > new parrot owner, years ago I had a moluccan. She was not
    > healthy and really didn't act like a too. She was very
    > quiet, never bite and loved to be cuddled. I don't mind
    > the noise or the dust, but I do have three kids now and
    > thought a smaller, more independant cocktoo might be
    > best. Please feel free to email me at
    > I really appreciate any help and
    > info. Thanks.

    Hi.. I have three goffin cockatoos.. Scooter, Peaches, and
    squiggy.. they are the cutest and most etertaining birds ive
    ever had.. Ive had Macaws, umbrella cockatoos, and Amazons
    in the past, and i would take all the goffins in trade..
    They are funny, entertaining, playful,sweet loving little
    cuddlebugs.. velcro birds.. messy,(as most too's are).. not
    great talkers, lower noise to toys, and are
    little houdini's... great with children ..
    sweet - sweet - sweet... :)