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Re: Major Mitchell's cockatoo

Posted by pat on 3/01/11
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    On 1/20/11, John wrote:
    > I have a pair of major mitchell's cockatoo . male is 6
    > female is 4 . they have been mating from past 3-4 months 2-3
    > times a day but she has not laid any egg yet .. they are not
    > over weight or anything . they are fed a healthy diet with
    > fruits n vegetables . My question is why is she not laying
    > eggs ? is it because she is too young ? because major
    > mitchells mature at 4-5 years of age . Any help will be
    > much appreciated . my email
    Make sure they have plenty of calcium block in the cage, I feed millet every
    day, mine will start to lay mid March. Be patient.