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Post: Just starting to bite

Posted by alexmiota on 3/07/11

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    I have a 3 year old umbrella cockatoo. When I got her 3
    months ago she was very sweet and I could trust her. Now
    that my wife has been taking care of her during the day
    when I am at work she has taken to biting me sometimes very
    hard. She can be a real sweetheart but then turn into a
    devil bird and I would very much like to deal with this
    problem before it gets worse. Is there anything I can do to
    keep her from acting this way toward me. I have never been
    afraid of birds but this one now makes me uneasy. I am not
    afraid of her but have to be on my toes and watch her like
    a hawk now that she has gotten unpredictable with me..

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