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Re: Frind a new Home for our pet aTritonton Cockatoo.

Posted by Renee Jewel on 7/04/11
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    On 5/02/11, Casey wrote:
    > Casey is a 4 year DNA sexed as a male. I had an illness
    > that made it hard for me to handle casey everyday. The
    > results he is more reserved. I am sure with a patient hand
    > he will be a loving Cockatoo again. I would work on this
    > but 2 of us now have allergies that makes it something we
    > can not do. I have 2 cages 1 he is in every day and a
    > second just like.... They will both go with Casey. The
    > was 1500 and the cages were 600 each.....2700 invested.
    > the right home we will sell Casey for $1000.00
    Is he still availble can you send picture?