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Re: Cockatoo Biting

Posted by Elle Mott on 9/25/12
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    On 4/20/12, Karen wrote:
    > I take my baby 'Stella' outside for fresh air and walks
    > around the house. She loves it! She loves it so much, she
    > doesn't want to go back in the house. So, just like any
    > kid, she throws a tantrum and turns into 'something from
    > the exorcist.' Can this behavior be changed or do I have
    > to curtail our walks? I'd appreciate any advice or
    > suggestions. thanks
    Are you a situation where you can put her up and outside
    flight? Would her noise bother anyone? I keep my parros
    outside most of the year and they love it especially when it
    rains. Once it starts getting chilly then I have to prepare
    to bring them in.
    I can give you advice on how to see up a nice outdoor flight
    pretty cheaply.
    I worked with cockatoos for about 24 years.
    (Also, be very careful feeding grapes if they are imported
    in the winter time from Chili (Demonte) etc. They apparently
    use some sort of pesticides that is absorbed into the fruit
    and is very fatal to parrots. People say Oh I wash my
    fruit..NO it Absorbed into the fruit and it's extremely
    deadly believe me I know I lost about 8 parrots at one time
    after one feeding. One was a moluccan I had for 18 years!
    The fruits they get now are only those grown in US.