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Re: Cockatoo Biting

Posted by Karen on 9/26/12
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    On 9/25/12, Elle Mott wrote:
    > On 4/20/12, Karen wrote:
    >> I take my baby 'Stella' outside for fresh air and walks
    >> around the house. She loves it! She loves it so much, she
    >> doesn't want to go back in the house. So, just like any
    >> kid, she throws a tantrum and turns into 'something from
    >> the exorcist.' Can this behavior be changed or do I have
    >> to curtail our walks? I'd appreciate any advice or
    >> suggestions. thanks
    > Are you a situation where you can put her up and outside
    > flight? Would her noise bother anyone? I keep my parros
    > outside most of the year and they love it especially when it
    > rains. Once it starts getting chilly then I have to prepare
    > to bring them in.
    > I can give you advice on how to see up a nice outdoor flight
    > pretty cheaply.
    > Elle.
    > I worked with cockatoos for about 24 years.
    > (Also, be very careful feeding grapes if they are imported
    > in the winter time from Chili (Demonte) etc. They apparently
    > use some sort of pesticides that is absorbed into the fruit
    > and is very fatal to parrots. People say Oh I wash my
    > fruit..NO it Absorbed into the fruit and it's extremely
    > deadly believe me I know I lost about 8 parrots at one time
    > after one feeding. One was a moluccan I had for 18 years!
    > The fruits they get now are only those grown in US.
    thank you very much I appreciate your reply. unfortunately I live in Michigan and
    the weather is not great year-round. However I have set up a cage in my garage
    so that she can enjoy the weather in the warmer months and she absolutely
    loves it. She does tend to calm down a bit once she's been outside for a while. I
    wish Michigan had more warmer months then cold months but it is what it is so
    Stella and I will have to deal with each other LOL. Any other suggestions would
    be great again I appreciate your response thank you